Storage and distribution


Quantities of bakery products being processed have been growing enormously.
Kremer Zaden has adapted to that growth by increasing their storage capacity frequently. We have over 10000 m2 storage space, which is conditioned for the better part. Our storage is flexible, efficient, ISO 22000 certified, and capable of storing most kinds of product. Our storing abilities:

  • Stacked bags on pallets, placed in racks
  • Bigbags
  • Containers
  • Silos

We have an innovative silo storage system. These silos are moveable and capable of storing 20000 kilos of product. We are able to move these silos to our storage or production spaces with a special kind of forklift truck. This system guarantees a clean and efficient internal transport.


We have the ability of packaging in:

  • Bags of 1 to 25 kg. We able to get custom made bags with a printed design.
  • Different sizes bigbags
  • Bulk shipment


We work in collaboration with Rien Montsma Transport and Hoekstra Distribution. Together we transport products and containers though all of Europe.